How does VMOS work?

VMOS is a new and innovative technology. It virtualizes your own Android operating system on your phone. With VMOS you can switch between real and virtual systems at any time. Data and apps are stored locally.

What phone can I install the app on?

The phone must have more than 32 GB of memory and 3 GB of RAM, also the phone must run on android 5.1 or higher.

Can I clone an application from a real system into a VM?

Yes. File→Choose APP→Import .

How's the system performance?

In fact, this application works faster than the cloud ones, since all the data is stored locally.

Why does VMOS need access to storage, device information, location, IMEI and audio?

VMOS requires resolution data for better emulation of the system.

Is VMOS safe for the real device?

Of course, the real phone and the VMOS use different operating systems. Data from both systems will not interfere with each other.

You CANNOT raise a VPN inside a container: this is due to isolation constraints.